Lady Patrolling ‘Dog Dump Site’ Found Cold, Panicked Baby Thrown There Purposely

In this impoverished area, many people cannot afford to have their dogs spayed or neutered. Unwanted litters are sadly a common occurrence. Puppies that should be surrendered or rehomed are dumped, and most people don’t bat an eye. They don’t make the appropriate calls or try to help the dogs themselves, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Rescuers are forced to patrol these popular dumping sites. At one particular spot, in a garbage dump, a tiny puppy whimpered. The rescuer, named Fiona, could see that he was tired and dirty. Who could leave such a tiny helpless creature is beyond our understanding! We are just grateful that this little fella was found in time.

When Fiona picked him up, he was shivering from being so scared and cold from being dampened by the rain. Fiona named the puppy, Panda. As she carried Panda to her car, she promised him it would be okay. His days of being alone and afraid were over… for good!

Now back at her home, Panda was given puppy formula. He lapped it right up! Fiona was so sad to see how hungry he was. She wondered if he even got to nurse on his mama before he was taken away and left in the garbage.

Next, it was time for a warm bath. But Panda doesn’t like it much. Fiona tries to calm him. She tells him it’ll be okay and that his bad days are behind him for good. He’s so little but tries to be brave!

Once he’s clean, warmed up and sporting a full belly, it’s time to show Panda the yard. He loves it! This little boy is on his way to a much better life. It’s as if his whole body and soul are smiling!

What comes next in Panda’s story is AWESOME! To say that his life is forever changed is an understatement. His new mama adores him and cannot imagine someone not wanting to love Panda as she does.

Stories like this one remind us that unwanted pets are struggling to survive and it is our job, if we see this, to contact the appropriate people. Just as children cannot care for themselves, neither can pets. They need us to do the right thing! To see Panda go from “discarded garbage” to a spoiled loved pup, check out his rescue below!


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