Loyal Dog Faithfully Waits At Same Spot Where His Family Dumped Him Weeks Ago

Pepe used to be one of the happiest dogs. But his world came crashing down when his owners got tired of having him around and dumped him on the busy streets, writes ilovemydogsomuch

For several weeks, Pepe was in complete denial of his abandonment as he earnestly waited at the same spot hoping his owners would come back for him.

We see some rescuers endeavoring to rescue Pepe. The dog had eventually realized he was abandoned and had started avoiding humans out of disgust. The rescuers notice Pepe’s skittish attitude and fear that he would expose himself to the busy road if they go after him.

After some thought, the rescuers decide to set a trap to capture Pepe safely. But just as Pepe wandered toward the trap, cops arrived at the scene. The police sirens caused the dog to panic, but the cops quickly understood the rescue situation and drove away.

The rescuers were finally able to lure Pepe into the trap! The dog was very hostile at first, but he calmed down the moment he walked into the shelter. As the rescuers began showing him love, his fears disappeared completely and he embraced humans once more!

Pepe’s story is a good example of how abandonment can mentally traumatize a loving and trusting dog. He is now being fostered by “Hope Ranch Animal Sanctuary”, and is said to have rediscovered his happy-go-lucky personality! Yay!


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