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Aging With Dog:15 Breeds Senior Pet Owners Should Consider

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As we age, our needs and lifestyle change, and choosing the right companion can make a significant difference in our daily lives. For seniors, owning a dog can bring many benefits, including companionship, physical activity, and emotional support.

However, not all dog breeds are suitable for seniors. Some breeds may require a lot of exercise, while others may be too demanding in terms of grooming or training. Therefore, it is essential to choose a breed that matches your lifestyle and personality.

In this article, we will explore the best dog breeds for seniors, taking into consideration their temperament, size, and energy level, to help you find the perfect furry friend for your golden years.

Our Pick 15 Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

15. Boston Terrier

Looking for a new best friend, aka fluffy pooch, now that your kids have settled down and you’ve retired after decades of hard work? We’re on board – which is why we’ve come up with a little list featuring the best (and cutest!) dogs that can make amazing companions during your golden years.

14. Poodle

Whether you prefer a miniature, medium or larger dog, the Poodle breed has them all! Not only that, but poodles are extremely devoted and loving to their families, on top of being relatively low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. And if you are worried about having to clean your house daily in order to remove your future dog’s fur from all your favorite couches and dining chairs, you’ll also be happy to find out that when it comes to poodles, there’s minimal shedding involved.

13. Italian Greyhound

Who doesn’t love the athletic, gracious figure of a Greyhound? If you are thrilled with the idea of getting a larger dog, yet not quite fully sure if said dog would fit with your lifestyle, then we’re here to tell you that greyhounds are a great pick. While they are quite large, Italian Greyhounds are definitely manageable for seniors, especially due to the fact that they do not require hours and hours of daily exercise – a one hour walk / day would suffice. Moreover, this breed has silky-smooth short hair, so they require minimal grooming, while being a delight to cuddle and pet.

12. Pugs

This next dog breed on our list is loved by all, regardless of age – and quite a few handsome specimens from this particular breed are famous Instagram stars. We’re obviously talking about the adorably wrinkly pugs, with their seemingly cranky-looking faces. In reality, pugs are anything but cranky – as one of the most social and gentle dog breeds, these cuties are docile, yet playful and in a good mood at the same time. Our verdict: these adorable Chinese pooches make excellent companions and the best of friends during your golden years.

11. German Shepherd

This next dog breed is one of the most intelligent ones on our list – which is exactly why they make amazing police officers. That’s right, we’re talking about the German Shepherd, the loyal, devoted and loving dog that will do anything to protect its family. Known as one of the most courageous breeds, German Shepherds make excellent choices for seniors because they offer them a sense of safety and protection, especially when living alone. Not only that, but despite their size (they can grow up to 90 pounds), they do not need to be active all the time and have moderate amounts of energy.

10. Shih Tzu

Looking for the perfect lap dog that loves cuddles and sleeping in? Well, we’ve found it for you! These next fuzzy fur-balls are definitely worth considering if you are looking for a loving, fun and easy-going dog on the smaller side. Perfect for apartments or small home lifestyles, the Shih Tzu is comfortable being indoors for extended periods of time, while also being up for walks at any time. And bonus points: while these cuties are certainly not even close to being large, ferocious dogs, they make amazing watchdogs despite their size.

9. Chihuahua

Talking about being on the lookout for the perfect mini-sized pooch, this next one takes the cake: Chihuahuas! Known for their dainty features and tiny size, as well as for their unmatched quirkiness and eccentricity, they are the ultimate lapdogs and actually love being carried. If you’re worried about the stress and hassles of handling a heavier dog, then Chihuahuas might just be the ones for you. This breed is known for having some of the quickest, most alert pups, so if you enjoy a lively little four-legged friend, then keep Chihuahuas in mind.

8. Beagle

If you’re looking for a gentle dog, then we’ve found your match: the Beagle! Known for their adorable floppy ears and irresistible cuteness, beagles make excellent choices for seniors because of their loving, gentle nature, as well as fun demeanor. These adorable even-tempered dogs are actually hunting dogs, which is why they have an excellent sense of smell, which makes them recognize changes in their surroundings quite easily. And if you are worried about being able to handle their size, know that beagles weigh approximately 22 pounds as adults.

7. Lhasa Apso

If you are looking for a dog with an impressive long mane, yet you are worried about shedding and grooming necessities, you might want to consider Lhasa Apso pups as a valid choice. While you can grow their fur and enjoy the silkiest cuddles ever, you can also groom them monthly for a fresh and neat look – and you’ll be happy to know that, despite their ultra-long locks, this breed does not shed as much as you’d expect. These pups, while alert and energetic, are completely comfortable with being lapdogs and they crave attention, which is why many seniors pick them as their furry friends.

6. Golden Retriever

When it comes to popularity, Golden Retrievers are definitely on top – and there’s a good reason for that. These gorgeous dogs are truly a man’s best friend, in every sense – and they make no discrimination, loving kids and adults alike. Known as the ultimate family pet, Golden Retrievers are extremely loving and patient, on top of being easy to train, polite and intelligent. If you think you are up for the challenge of handling a larger dog (the females weigh about 50 pounds while the males average oat 70 pounds as adults), then Golden Retrievers should definitely be a top choice.

5. Rough Collie

Having Lassie as your best bud seems like a wonderful scenario – and it’s totally achievable if you’re open to giving the gorgeous Rough Collies a chance. With their loving nature and loyalty, these beauties make excellent choices for seniors. But unlike other smaller pups on our list, Rough Collies do need a bit of time outside playing each day, so they are a great choice for you if you are keen on maintaining an active lifestyle in your golden years. And if you are living on a farm, collies are definitely a good match with the outdoor lifestyle, especially since they also enjoy herding small animals.

4. Pomeranian

If you don’t mind a loud dog and actually enjoy a bit of lively barking, then this next pup is definitely a treat: the Pomeranian! These adorable pooches crave their owner’s attention, so if that’s a priority on your list, then there’s no other more suitable candidate for the job than the energetic and totes adorable Pomeranian. These beauties have a long coat which requires brushing in order to stay neat and thick and while they do enjoy walks, they are also perfectly comfortable indoors (where they love being the center of attention). They love to be carried just as much as they love running in the grass, which makes them easy to manage and fun to be around.

3. Goldendoodle

Mix Poodles with Golden Retriever and you’ve got a perfectly balanced, fun dog: the Goldennoodle! This breed is especially recommended for the seniors that want a dog that motivates them to get up and go for a walk – since they require quite a bit of daily exercise, they make the perfect companions if you enjoy long, brisk walks and hikes. And major bonus points: given the fact that this breed is a mix of two very intelligent types of dogs, the Goldennoodles are smart and very easy to train.

2. Bolognese

If you are set on getting a smaller dog that’s not as loud as the Pomeranian, not as fancy as the Lhasa Apso and not as eccentric as the Chihuahua, then here’s our recommendation: the Bolognese! These cuddly little pooches are the perfect pick for seniors who enjoy docile, behaved dogs, with slightly more reserved personalities. Bolognese pups are easy to train and, often times, surprisingly calm and quiet for a small breed. And the best part of all: they make the best cuddling companions, since they feel and look like real teddy-bears!

1. Greyhound

While our top pick might seem surprising, given the impressive size of this type of dog, Greyhounds make excellent choices for seniors. The reason: retired Greyhounds, who spent their entire lives racing, want nothing more than to excel in the art of couch-potato-ing. That’s right, these slender, graceful and athletic creatures are the ultimate lazy dogs in their senior years, which is why many golden agers opt for the companionship. Greyhounds are also wise and very well behaved, quiet and gentle, qualities which make them among the most sought-after breeds by seniors.

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