Elderly Man Sees His Lost Dog On A Tree Bed After 3 Years And Calls His Name

A man named Giorgi Bereziani’s world came crashing down when his beloved dog named Jorge disappeared from his home one day, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The inconsolable 62-year-old man spent months combing the bustling streets of Tbilisi, Georgia, in hopes of finding his dog. But even after multiple missing dog fliers and enquiries, there was no sign of Jorge.

Three years after this tragic incident, Giorgi suddenly received a message from an opera house regarding Jorge. Apparently, a similar looking black-and-white dog was roaming around their establishment. The forlorn dog had a yellow tag on his ear, which indicated that he was vaccinated and released by the city’s animal control.

With an overwhelming sense of hope, Giorgi raced to the location to search for the dog. He eventually spotted the dejected pooch sitting by a lonely tree bed. The moment he called out, “Jorge, is that you?” – the battered dog’s gloomy face lit up with a marked look of disbelief! He was indeed the good old Jorge!

What follows is a rare reunion that only happens in movies! Both Giorgi and Jorge break down in an ecstasy of emotions as they madly embrace each other in bittersweet relief. What a magical sight! The past 3 years were a brutal nightmare for this inseparable duo – but the sweet serendipity of their happy ending certainly rejuvenated their souls!

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