She Cried And Wished Once to Get Rid of Her Serious Illness And Have a Happier Life

Poppy on the go – the incredible story of the dog that can’t walk. Poppy encourages us all to persevere in the face of adversity, writes embounce

In February 2022, an urgent appeal was sent from the shelter when a puppy who could not walk properly came in. She was also underweight and cognitively sluggish.

Dallas Dog-Rescue. Rehab. Reform Team took her to thier vet staff where they said it could be swimmer’s syndrome or cerebellar hypoplasia. There is no treatment, but she can live a long and happy life with plenty of love and care!

They are starting to see poppy come to life!

She was thrilled to be able to try belt walking after only 10 days under their care. Poppy’s weight has increased by 12 pounds!

March 29, 2022 Poppy was excelling at her physical therapy and moving into outdoor exercise. Poppy enjoys playing a lot! This girl gets along well with everyone she encounters!

This puppy is walking alone for the first time in her four-month life! Poppy was prepared for her wheelchair as if she had been born with it.

After making some adjustments, Poppy was working!

Pobby’s life didn’t change overnight. Poppy took cheerfully in her wheelchair for three months to get to where she is now.

“She is a lucky, loving puppy whose resilience inspires us every day.”

Thank you for assisting her. Please assist the animals in beating yesterday and rewriting their tomorrow.


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