Dog Rescued After Being Used For Street Fights, Cries When Gets A Bed

A dog called Mancha was used for street fights by his previous owners to the point that he got a skin cancer. But he’s now well-known and everyone knows him in his neighborhood.

The dog’s life was very bad as he was chained, but he was brave enough to break free of them. He was found by a kind family, who decided to help him. He was also nursed back to health.

The dog was so relief when he got a new bed as he knew that he no longer belongs to the streets, where he would be accompanied with insects, heat, and cold. Thankfully, Mancha’s infected sores, skin cancer, and injuries from streets fights were all treated!

Happily, the dog is now completely healthy and happy with his new kind family who is giving him the care and love he deserves. He will no longer be afraid to stay alone on the streets! What a happy ending!

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