Stray Cat Knocks On Woman’s Door Asking To Be Let In From The Cold

On a chilly Valentine’s Day, a woman was drawn to the distressed cries coming from her backyard. There, in the snow, stood an orange tabby cat, looking weary and in need of help. The cat approached the woman’s door, as if seeking refuge from the cold.

The compassionate woman, a foster volunteer with Un Chat à la Fois, a kitten rescue in Quebec, reached out to Marie Simard, the organization’s founder, with a photo of the feline. Seeing the cat’s heartrending expression, Simard knew they couldn’t turn him away. She immediately advised the woman to take the cat to their partner clinic for evaluation.

The vet’s examination revealed the dire state of the stray cat’s health. Covered in bite wounds, infested with fleas and ticks, and suffering from frostbite, rotten teeth, and diabetes, the cat had endured immense hardship. It was clear that his will to survive had led him to seek help at the woman’s door.

Despite his frailty, the cat displayed a heartwarming appreciation for the care he received. “He was very nice to the employees at the clinic,” Simard recalled. “He would take his paw out of the cage at the vet so the people would pet him.”

Simard affectionately named the cat Aslan, after the noble lion in “The Chronicles of Narnia” series. With dedicated treatment at the clinic, Aslan’s health began to improve. He was then placed in a loving foster home, where he quickly bonded with his foster mom’s other cats.

Every day, Aslan expressed his gratitude, showing his foster mom just how happy he was to be safe and warm. “He’s a very affectionate cat,” Simard said. “He likes to sleep close to his foster mom.”

As time passed, the idea of finding Aslan a forever home became bittersweet. He had formed a deep bond with his foster sister, Cleo, another rescue cat. They slept together, groomed each other, and shared a special connection that touched everyone’s hearts.

In the end, the decision was made to keep Aslan and Cleo together, allowing them to cherish a life of love and comfort, leaving behind the hardships of their past. A year later, Aslan continues to be the most cherished Valentine, reminding his family every day of the precious gift of love and compassion that rescued him from the cold and brought warmth to his heart forever.

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