Abandoned Dog’s Touching Gesture Warms Hearts as Officer Rescues Him

Dog Tied To Pole Reaches Out Paw To The Cop Who’s Come To Save Him

Officer Angela Laurella responded to a distressing call about two dogs tied to poles on a dead-end street in Pompano, Florida. Time was of the essence as the temperatures soared to 100 degrees. Upon arrival, Officer Laurella found a frail gray dog, whom they later named Liam, tied tightly to a pole, barely able to move.

Liam, displaying his resilient spirit, reached out his paw to the officer and lowered his head, as if pleading for help. The heartbreaking sight touched the officer’s heart, and she knew immediate action was required.

Amy Roman, president, and founder of 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida, was contacted for assistance. Despite the rescue being at full capacity, Roman didn’t hesitate to take in Liam, recognizing the special care he needed.

You can watch the rescue here:

The once emaciated and dehydrated dog is now thriving under Roman’s care. In her home, Liam, a 17-pound pocket bully, is gradually regaining his strength and enjoying nutritious meals provided by dedicated volunteers.

“He’s receiving so much love around the clock,” Roman shared. “He’s being fed every hour on the hour so his body gets used to it… We have volunteers who are cooking batches of boiled chicken and rice, so he’s loving life right now.”

Although Liam’s journey to recovery is far from over, he radiates warmth and affection, proving to be a grateful and forgiving soul. Despite the hardship he endured, Liam’s loving nature shines through, touching the hearts of everyone around him.

“He loves everybody, and there’s not a mean bone in this dog’s body,” Roman stated. “To me, that says it all because after everything he’s endured, he’s still so grateful and forgiving.”

Liam’s story highlights the ongoing challenge faced by abandoned and surrendered animals in Florida. With shelters overwhelmed, Roman urges pet owners to seek help and resources from shelters and rescues before making the difficult decision to give up their pets. Liam serves as a testament to the fact that every dog deserves a second chance.

Despite his traumatic past, Liam remains ready to offer his paw, a gesture that speaks volumes about his readiness to embrace a life filled with love and care.

“Dogs like Liam remind us that humanity can learn valuable lessons from them,” Roman added. “Their resilience and capacity for forgiveness are truly inspiring, and they have the power to restore our faith in the goodness of this world.”

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