Resilient Boxer Mix Finds Loving Home After Weeks of Abandonment

Loyal Dog Waits For Weeks In Empty House After Family Leaves Him Behind

When rescuer Donna Lochmann reached the top of the staircase, she encountered a bewildered 2-year-old boxer mix named Freon. It had been over two weeks since he had seen another soul.

The story of Freon’s plight came to light when a concerned landlord contacted Stray Rescue of St. Louis animal shelter, reporting an abandoned dog trapped in one of his properties.

According to the landlord, Freon’s family had relocated to a pet-free home, leaving the poor pup stranded in the staircase for more than a week before informing anyone about his predicament. Donna, the chief life-saving officer at the shelter, immediately rushed to the scene.

As Donna opened the door leading to Freon’s supposed location, she found him huddled on one of the landings, alone but surprisingly alive. Someone had left bowls of food, and he had access to water to survive the ordeal during scorching summer days.

You can watch Lochmann find Freon here:

Approaching the timid pup, Donna was taken aback by how readily he allowed her to put a leash on him.

“He was a bit hesitant to come with me,” Donna recalled. “But with a little coaxing using Vienna sausages, he walked up the steps and right out the front door.”

Thus, the journey to a new beginning commenced.

During the car ride to the shelter, Freon displayed an endearing habit that caught Donna’s attention. He stood at the front and pressed his face against the air conditioner vents, seeking the refreshing cold air. This adorable trait earned him his name, Freon.

Upon arriving at the shelter, Freon’s gentle nature immediately charmed everyone. A Facebook post revealed that the pup showered the clinic staff with kisses, even while receiving his shots – a behavior that no other dog had exhibited before.

After receiving the necessary medical care following his prolonged ordeal, Freon became eligible for adoption. His listing didn’t remain active for long.

“He now has his forever family,” Donna said with joy. “He even has a dog sibling!”

The staff at Stray Rescue of St. Louis is overjoyed that Freon has found his forever home, allowing him to leave his tragic past behind.

“We love you, buddy,” the shelter announced in a heartfelt post celebrating Freon’s adoption. “There’s no looking back now.”

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