Axel The Heartbroken Dog Ignored At Park Gets The Best Gift From Mom

Axel, a 2-and-a-half-year-old Rottweiler, possesses an unwavering love for meeting new people. During his daily walks to the park, the affectionate pup attempts to befriend everyone he encounters. However, there are times when his pure-hearted efforts go unnoticed, leaving him without a single friend or a comforting pat.

“This happens almost every time we step out of the house,” shared Rianna, Axel’s mom. “People judge him solely based on his appearance, without truly getting to know him.”

On a recent walk around his beloved park, Axel found himself once again ignored, despite his genuine desire for affection.

“He wanted to greet everyone with a wide smile and say hello to every person,” Rianna explained. “He couldn’t comprehend why the other dogs received so much attention while no one seemed interested in stroking him.”

The despondent pup clearly felt left out as he observed the disparity in attention.

“He appeared disappointed, and when we returned home, he climbed onto my chest, seeking comfort,” Rianna revealed.

You can watch Axel getting his special cuddles here:


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Despite the way Axel is treated by the world, Rianna remains grateful for the outpouring of love showered upon her beloved companion by her social media followers, mirroring her own affection.

“He adores everyone he meets and gently taps people with his eager paws, requesting that they hold his hand,” Rianna shared. “If they let go, he’ll place his paw right back into their hand! He’s a gentle giant whose greatest joy is bringing smiles to people’s faces. However, sometimes he forgets his own size, and I have to remind him that he can’t fit on everyone’s lap.”

Rianna welcomed Axel into her life when he was just 8 weeks old, providing companionship for her other dog, Nala. Despite Axel’s size, Rianna emphasized that he still perceives himself as a small puppy who craves affection.

“This boy is a cuddle monster,” Rianna affectionately described. “He would spend the entire day snuggled up to me. Moreover, he has this endearing habit of wrapping one paw around your waist and resting his head on your shoulder, offering a genuine hug!”

The compassionate canine possesses a remarkable ability to sense Rianna’s sadness and promptly brings her his favorite toy or offers a comforting cuddle. Even if strangers at the park fail to witness the immense kindness within Axel’s heart, Rianna remains fully aware of his loving nature.

“Axel has completely transformed my life,” Rianna expressed. “He is my dream dog and my entire world. Every day, he fills me with happiness and makes me feel like the luckiest dog mom in the world!”

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