Rescuer Discovers More Than Expected Outside Abandoned House, Ensuring They’re Not Alone

Woman Spots Dog Outside Of An Abandoned House And Realizes She’s Not Alone

When Donna Lochmann, a dedicated rescuer, arrived at an abandoned residence in St. Louis, Missouri, her initial expectation was to find a solitary adult dog left behind. The compassionate individual who had reported the situation to Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL) informed them that the dog’s family had relocated, leaving her behind.

While the house appeared empty, Lochmann soon realized that the dog was not alone. Upon closer inspection, she discovered two sets of eyes peering at her from behind the fence.

“To my surprise, there were two puppies estimated to be around 6 to 8 weeks old,” Lochmann, SRSL’s chief life-saving officer, recounted to The Dodo.

While it was relatively easy to coax the mother dog into her car, capturing the puppies proved to be more challenging.

“There was a concrete patio on the other side of the fence, and the puppies kept retreating into a dug-out area underneath it,” Lochmann explained. “That was probably their safe spot where they spent most of their time.”

Lochmann extended her arm beneath the patio and, after a few attempts, managed to retrieve the smaller puppy. However, the larger one resisted.

“The bigger puppy was determined not to be pulled out,” Lochmann shared. “She repeatedly bit me with her razor-sharp puppy teeth, but I refused to give up.”

To safeguard her hand, Lochmann donned a thick glove and made one final attempt to reach the frightened puppy. Finally, she successfully secured the apprehensive pup.

Lochmann brought the mother dog, affectionately named Pumpkin Patch, along with her two puppies, Eckert and Stuckmeyer, to the veterinarian. Medical tests confirmed that all three dogs were in good health, prompting their immediate placement into foster care.

Presently, Eckert and Stuckmeyer are receiving foster care in the same household. Lochmann revealed that both puppies remain quite fearful and require socialization. However, their foster family includes friendly adult dogs, which should aid in their rapid adjustment.

“The adult dogs are engaging in playtime with the puppies and showing them the ropes of being a dog,” Lochmann explained.

Pumpkin Patch has also found a foster home, where she receives constant affection, ample nourishment, and a cozy bed to sleep in each night.

The staff at Stray Rescue of St. Louis will undoubtedly miss Pumpkin Patch and her puppies. However, they take solace in knowing that all three dogs have finally found the happiness and love they truly deserve.

“Now everyone has a home and is discovering the joys of living in a house instead of struggling on the streets,” Lochmann remarked. “They are all doing exceptionally well now.”

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