Sad Dog That Walked With Her Head Lowered & Tail Tucked Obtains A 2nd Chance

Amongst all debilitating illnesses and tragedies, losing one’s sense of purpose or the will to live has to be one the most harrowing experiences for any living soul, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Dora the dog was gripped with a similar feeling of dread when she was first spotted by the rescuers of “Howl Of A Dog”. Dora was living in a public pound after being pulled from the streets, but her lack of spark and dulled behavior was very concerning.

No one knew what kind of life Dora lived before, but she hardly had any interest in playing or interacting with anyone. She had that perpetually haunted look in her eyes, like she had forgotten the meaning of life, and her hunchback gait was equally disturbing. She would always stoop her spine and walk with her head hanging down in shame, while her tail would always be tucked between her legs.

Howl Of A Dog rescued Dora and brought her to their shelter, where she was found to be underweight and suffering from several skin diseases. However, the workers had a tough time dealing with her overwhelming depression and hopelessness. She was so utterly broken that she would crumble down like a house of cards every time a worker petted her.

Despite Dora’s extremely defeated demeanor, the workers didn’t give up and continued their loving gestures to assure her she was being saved and cared for. After 2 weeks, she finally opened her numbed heart to the faint idea that life was getting rosier for good. With time, her play-dates with other dogs, field trips and car rides became therapy sessions that made her change her outlook on life!

This video documents Dora’s progress as she gradually goes from a shutdown dog to a lover of life! It’s one of the most beautiful things ever to see her learning how to dream again. Dora’s cherished wish to find a real home eventually came true when a family from England adopted her! Her parents dote on her and her Labrador sibling looks out for her like a protective big brother. We are so, so happy for this bright girl!


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