They Hit & Starved Her, Taught Her One Method She Displayed To Make Them Like Her

Found amongst a pack of dogs in a dilapidated horse stable, was a special pup later named ‘Lemming’, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The entire pack was in grave condition due to severe neglect. They were all put on the euthanasia list. Lemming lay in a corner, trying to hide.

The rescue group, Sidewalk Specials, stepped in to save all the dogs that had a chance at survival. Lemming was taken in and then dropped off at her foster home. She was shut down and fearful– it seemed a lot more had happened to her than was let on.

Lemming’s skin was a mess! She was also incredibly thin. Getting her better would be a process but no one was giving up on her. Not ever!

Her previous owner was a man and every man that approached Lemming would cause her to panic. Did her owner hurt her? Was it more than just neglect? Yes, it was obvious, as she would cower down with her tail between her legs.

It took some time but she would finally go near her foster dad for some affection. She would go to him cautiously, her ears were always back as if she was waiting for something terrible to happen. As he pet her, her tail would wag, but again, everything was slow-going. Like she was still waiting for him to turn on her. It was heartbreaking.

But Lemming continued to fight her urges. She didn’t want to be afraid. You could see it in her eyes. She had love to give and wanted people around her. That’s when her foster mom realized her former owner taught her one trick, to give paw.

This made her foster mom smile and laugh. So Lemming, wanting to please one of the few people who were kind to her, kept giving her paw, over and over again. It’s the sweetest thing!

Knowing that a dog like Lemming only formed bonds cautiously and with time, adopting her out to a new family would be hard on her. Plus, her foster family truly loved her. She’s a special dog despite everything she’s been through. Her foster parents made it official– they adopted her. She was forever in a safe place where she felt nothing but love and kindness.

Look at Lemming now! Her fur has grown in beautifully. Her skin has healed. And better yet, that fear in her eyes is gone.

As the video says, now Lemming can give her mom paw forever!

No one is sure if she’s forgotten all about her trauma, but one thing is for certain… Lemming is right where she needs to be. Click the video below to see her entire rescue and happily ever after!


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